Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ready to be on the "other side"

If you are a BRCA carrier like me, I am sure you are familiar with the FORCE message board. Being on the “other side” is what we refer to after you have finished the PBM (prophylactic bilateral mastectomy). I am so ready to be there. I’ve started the preparations, completed my FMLA paperwork, found a counselor sub, and arranged for help around the house in the weeks following my surgery. I’ve started the journey to the “other side”. I’ve read over and over from many women who claimed that the hardest part was this. . . the waiting, planning and preparations. I’d have to agree. Waiting is the hardest. But, thankfully I have my ½ marathon training and weight loss plan to distract me. I feel so strong when I am running and I am so happy to see how well my weight loss attempt has gone for me. I know that on surgery day I am going to look at myself in the mirror (for the last time before I am changed forever) and be happy with what I see. I will know that my body is physically strong, my running ability is at its peak, and I am at my ideal weight. I will be happy about who I am and the choices that I have made. I will be ready…..ready to go to the “other side”. When I am there, I am sure it’ll be hard but I know I won’t regret the decisions I’ve made along the way.


  1. You're gonna reach that other side and it will be good. You'll have taken a step to protect your health and your family - and that is so very good. Waiting is for sure the hardest part in these surgeries, the other side (in this case) is most certainly a better place.

    You'll get there, Erin. :)

  2. The other side is great! There are definite challenges, and it seems you are doing an awesome job at being proactive about it. Good luck!