Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well, Hello 10 mile week!

Yes, you read correctly. I f i n a l l y had my 10 mile week. I wanted it so bad that even after being at the pool all day and tired I drove to the gym this evening to do my 4 miles on the track. I wasn't going to make any excused for myself. Running that far on an indoor track is no easy feat, although considering the temps outside it was the lesser or two evils. I set my mind to it and it I did it. It. felt. great. I was just hoping for being around 40 minutes for my time and I even beat that! I did it in 38:50 which isn't too shabby for a longer-ish run for me. I also squeezed in a yoga class this week, which was amazing and attempted to my allergy shots (only to find my serum had expired..yep its been that long. . .) So, I am making progress.

I love when you set your mind to something, go out and do it with success. It gives you such a great feeling. I am dead serious when I say I was smiling for most of my run. Though running around 24 times (man it is hard to keep count for that long!) is not the most fun ever it was totally worth it. Until this heat wave breaks, it was 101 today, then the indoor track is at least an option for me even when I want to run a little further. If you are mentally strong you can do just about anything.


  1. Way to go lady! That is so awesome! So what keeps you going? What's on your iPod when you run? I'm dying to get some new tracks on mine for my runs.

  2. Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I did have a brand new Ipod running list. That really helped. My songs are mostly rap so not sure if you like that kind of stuff. Rhianna is a good one to workout to. I guess on the track I just chunked it into 4 1 mile sets. It is so much easier to stop on a track because you can easily get back to your stuff. Where as out in the neighborhood you have to keep going because you are no where near home. I hope your running is still going well. The heat does not help!

  3. WOoohooo! You are a running machine :)

  4. Oh my gosh! What an awesome run! How you pulled that out inside, running on a track, is beyond me! Great job!!!!!