Saturday, June 30, 2012

First round of surveillance=check!

I had my first appointment with my OBGYN on Thursday to start my surveillance of my ovaries. It was a piece of cake. I wasn't surprised to hear that everything is perfectly fine and normal though I was happy to hear it! The tech did an internal ultra sound to check out how my ovaries looked and then the Dr. reviewed the pictures and gave me the all clear. We discussed resuming birth control after my mastectomy in the fall. Birth control is not a good idea when you have breast tissue as estrogen feeds cancer but it is a way to reduce your ovarian cancer risk. So, once I have no more breast tissue, I can resume that to give myself that extra benefit. Some people do what is called a CA-125 blood test which can measure (not too accurately) the changes on your hormones that have to do with issues with your ovaries. My Dr. said because it isn't very accurate and often gives false positives, she wasn't sure it was necessary for me at this point. We will re-visit when I am 35 and just hope by then there is a more accurate test available. I explained to her that removing my ovaries would not be of consideration for me until I am at least 40. She was ok with that. So, overall it was a great appointment that caused me almost no worries. I think I can handle doing that every 6 months.


  1. So happy to hear this went well, Erin. A smooth test with great results is THE best thing in the situation. I’m wishing you many more stress-free scans.



  2. Thanks Catherine!! I wish for the same thing!!

  3. At least something in this process was easy. I really think modern medicine needs to do more for women's health. Better birth control and more research into better testing for these things could do a world of good for 50% of the population.