Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Update

Well, as you've noticed I haven't been blogging much lately. To be honest, the thought of my surgery and all of this BRCA stuff hasn't been on my mind much. I've been enjoying my summer and keeping busy. Since my 10 mile week. I've consistently kept my mileage around 10 miles. One week I ran 14 which was great, except then all sorts of pain was showing up in my legs and my knees. I took a week off while we were in the mountains to let them heal a little but I am still having some nagging pain in my IT band when I run more than 4 miles. I also have just had general aches in my knees which I feel is not a good sign. I wonder if it I need to dust off my bike and hit the road to do some cross training. Perhaps that difference between now and pre-Carter is that I was riding and running and not just running. I still have not decided about the half marathon. It seems silly to try to do if I am constantly having knee issues but then, what runner doesn't have some aches and pains? On the other hand I do not want to be limping around at age 50 because of the damage I did to myself now. annoying to be getting old and having pain when you want to run just stinks! :o( I have been loving my weekly yoga class and vow not to give that up when school starts back again. It is a great combo to running as it stretches all those muscles out.

When I start to really think about my surgery (Date set for Nov 28th for a prophylactic mastectomy with expander implants-in case your new) I start to get nervous. But, then I am distracted by something and I can let it go. I know as time draws closer it'll be tougher but right now I am just loving summer and all that is allows me to do. So, for now I'll just focus on that!

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