Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 4

Week 3 goals:
1. Spend less time on the computer when I am at home with my family. I did make an effort.
2. Run 10 miles this week. No, but I did run 3 times and I think that is a more appropriate goal. Due to the craziness of my school schedule it is difficult to get in too much mileage after school as I have to pick up my daughter at 4pm.
3. Push myself during the Race for the Cure 5K this Saturday. Finish the race with nothing left! Yes, I almost puked after the race!
4. With regards sweets and soda--moderation!! (1-2 sodas and 1-2 sweets total all week). No, it is obviously an all or nothing game with me. I have no will power. Lets go back to NO sweets/soda.

Week 4
1. Run at least 3 times a week (still hoping for that 10 mile mark)
2. Complain less about work. It is stressful, it is hard, but complaining about it doesn't do anyone any good.
3. Read to Carter every night. Because of our hectic schedules of bath time and bed we often miss time to read with Carter even though we read at least 5 books to Sean. This is an easy fix. Make reading to her a priority.
4. NO Sweets and NO Soda. (yes, I just ate 4 pieces of chocolate...)

Game on!!


  1. I'm really enjoying your listing of goals. The idea of spending more time with friends and family (in lieu of the computer) is an excellent idea. Congrats on finishing the race!

  2. Haha! I love these posts! I have confidence you can reach that 10 mile mark! GO GIRLIE!

  3. Thanks girls! It is nice to have the encouragement! It definitely helps!!