Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bliss for the Cure-Race for the Cure

Wow is all I have to say. I hope my delay in posting doesn’t diminish some of the amazing things that I have to say about this past weekend. As you all know, my mom is currently battling breast cancer. She is about 6 treatments into her chemo (10 left). She had a double mastectomy right before Christmas and will most likely follow her chemo with radiation. So, it is not an easy road ahead of her. One of her co-workers from Volvo (she works for the commercial finance department) started a team in her honor for the local Race for the Cure. I don’t’ know how many people total but it was close to 30, perhaps, and we raised almost 10,000 dollars in her honor to donate to Susan G. Komen. Wow!! My family and I headed down to my parents house for the weekend so that we could participate in the race and take part in the wonderful experience.

As far as the actual race goes, it wasn’t my finest hour. It. was. hot. I mean like sweating through my shirt BEFORE the race started, hot. It was also super hilly, like rolling hills of the NC mountains hilly. I was not going for a PR so I just took it slow and tried to make it to the finish line. I was out on the course alone (as I insisted my much faster husband run ahead on his own as my pace is ridiculous for him) and my thoughts got the best of me. Honestly, I felt like I was holding back tears throughout the whole race. Part of it was joy, seeing what support my mom had being so proud to be part of a great team. Part of it was the horrible conditions and enormous hills and my obvious lack of training. But part of it was my thoughts of fear. I just couldn’t get the thought out f my mind that I hope that I don’t even need a SGK team in my honor. I don’t want to be the one wearing the pink shirt (reserved for BC survivors) in the middle of the picture as everyone surrounds me. I do not want money donated in my honor, I do not want that life. I know it sounds silly but that is what my mind was focused on. I also would waiver between sadness, joy, and anger. Angry that my family is even put in this position and I am dealing with this. 10 years ago to the day I was walking across the stage at JMU getting my under grad degree. I had no idea that in a mere 10 years breast cancer would be such a huge part of my life.

After we finished the race (and rehydrated a little) we were able to enjoy some fun at the team tent for the Bliss for the Cure team. The kids had a great time and it was a wonderful day for my family. I am so grateful to all those that donated to my personal page or to my mom’s team. My mom was too weak to walk this year as chemo is hitting her hard but next year, she’ll be walking with us and she’ll be strong again. And if it is up to me, I’ll never be wearing a pink shirt at a Susan G. Komen race.


  1. Good for you doing that exhausting run – sounds like it was a test in several different ways, but you made it through. I too hope you never wear that pink t-shirt. Just keep monitoring the situation, and keep pushing forward. Congratulations to you and your mother’s team. What a huge sum you raised!