Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 3 goals

Week 2 Goals: UPDATE
1. Run 10 Miles a week. No. But I am determined I will meet this goal! I will keep trying! Since I posted this goal I've actually run LESS than usual.
2. Eat my salad with dinner first.  Done! I cannot say it was like that every night of the week of the majority, I can say yes!
3. (Gasp)...NO SODA (not even diet)-I am giving myself credit as I had ONE soda for an entire week and I felt the need due to a bad headache and some caffeine needed.
4. Eat a Healthy snack afterschool.Done! I stuck to the serving size on the veggie chips or chose things that were around 100 calories.

Week 3 goals:
1. Spend less time on the computer when I am at home with my family.
2. Run 10 miles this week.
3. Push myself during the Race for the Cure 5K this Saturday. Finish the race with nothing left!
4. With regards sweets and soda--moderation!! (1-2 sodas and 1-2 sweets total all week)

Ok, here goes another week!


  1. A big congratulations on the healthy snacking and eating of salads! Good luck with you Week Three goals :)