Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So, my emotional wreck posts seem to be diminishing so I'll take that as a good sign that I am feeling better these days. The BRCA stuff doesn't creep into my mind on a daily basis anymore. In fact, there are probably days that go by without me even thinking about it. Being super busy at work and at home probably has something to do with that. My only real reminder of my upcoming surgery is the letter hanging in my kitchen will the dates and info. As I walk by, I often glance at it but then the thought is gone as I hear Carter laughing or a "mommy" from Sean in other room. I have so much in my life to focus on that is good that I am able to let this other stuff be a passing thought. This past weekend was a great weekend filled with so much love and fun with family and friends. Sean turned 4 and had his birthday party and Carter had her baptism at church. It was a great weekend. My mom was able to come with my Dad and sis but she wasn't at her best. Chemo is hitting her hard but she wouldn't miss coming so she came anyway and tried to take it easy. Carter and Sean adore their Nama.

This summer, I do need to begin my first round of ovary surveillance with an ultra sound and some blood work. But, I don't foresee that to be a anxiety provoking procedure. I'll get back to you on that one!

My running is great. I am feeling my speed return and I am loving it. I was in such a rut and now that I am seeing improvement it makes me so happy. A few years ago I trained with a local triathlon team and that was when I was at my peak running condition (and of course biking and swimming condition as well). I decided it was time to go back, so I rejoined the group and have been going to the weekly run practices. I cannot commit to the whole team as practice is every evening and my time with my family is important to me but I can manage once a week. Last week was my first time back and it was great to see all my old teammates and friends and it felt great to push myself to my potential. I was welcomed back with such love and support. I now look forward to Thursday every week. As far as my running goes....I know it is mental. I am strong and I can run faster and longer. Now, I am ready to prove it.


  1. Wonderful to hear you’re feeling less anxiety. It’s funny how that worry can fade, particularly when we’re able to focus on the many good things. Congrats on running again and feeling well – may it keep up nice and steady!