Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4 week Goal Challenge

So, it has been 4 weeks since I started my goals each week and I have to say it has been a success! I cannot say that I mastered each goal each week but I did make an effort and I am proud of myself for that. Overall, my running has improved, my soda and sugar intake has decreased, I've made an effort to read more to Carter, and even tried to complain a little less about work (even during the most difficult time of the year when we countdown to summer). What I've learned is that just being aware of your weaknesses and fault is half the battle. I realize I have things that I need to work on and it makes me happy to know that I care enough to attempt to be a better person. Posting them on my blog did make me more accountable. If I hadn't been reaching for the 3 day a week run goal I might have not jumped on the treadmill before my core training class night. Thanks to those who have been reading and encouraging me along the way!!

Here is this week's update:

1. Run at least 3 times a week (still hoping for that 10 mile mark). YES, YES & YES! I even had an awesome speed workout on the treadmill last night and I was feeling some of my speed return. Couple that with a nice long run outside and another treadmill workout before body pump and I did it!!!
2. Complain less about work. It is stressful, it is hard, but complaining about it doesn't do anyone any good.
OK so I had some aforementioned bad news on Friday, however, in general I did make an effort to not complain.
3. Read to Carter every night. Because of our hectic schedules of bath time and bed we often miss time to read with Carter even though we read at least 5 books to Sean. This is an easy fix. Make reading to her a priority.
YES!! We read each night. Making this a priority is one of the most important things I can do as a parent.
4. NO Sweets and NO Soda. (yes, I just ate 4 pieces of chocolate...)
. After those 4 pieces of chocolate I ate, I had NO CANDY! I did had 2 sodas during the week but that is a huge improvement! Double YAY!!

Oh yeah!!!

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  1. How am I so behind on your blog? Loving catching up on everything today!!! I feel like I'm cheating reading backwards though :)