Wednesday, May 23, 2012


*disclaimer to my friend if you are reading-I hope it is ok that I sharing what is going on*

So, I have a running buddy at school, who also was my "pregnant" buddy and so therefore we were also, "pregnant running buddies" as well. We hit the neighborhood as quick as we can after school to get in a decent run before we both go to pick up our little babies from the sitter (they even go to the same sitter and were both about 1.5 weeks apart and of course BFF's). So, we obviously have a lot in common. But, there was one thing I didn't want to have in common with her, or anyone. Being BRCA positive. Through our afternoon runs and talks it came up that her family has had its fair share of Ovarian cancer. That alarmed me as given all my research I've found that OC is not that common in the general non BRCA carrying population. Well, after our discussions she talked with her mom and her mom decided to get tested. She told me last week while we were running that her mom was awaiting her test results. She got them and told me yesterday. Her mom is BRCA 1. Seriously? How is one my closest friends going through something so similar? Why does it seem that BRCA and breast cancer are everywhere I turn?

Updated from earlier:
My friend talked with her Dr. and has decided to test. In fact, she went to the Dr. this afternoon to send in the mouth swab. Oh my goodness. I've also given her and her mom the information for FORCE and the message board/website. I found it very helpful. Sadly, her mother's doctor knows nothing about BRCA and gave her mom some incorrect information. I gave her names for my Dr.'s who are more BRCA savvy so I hope she can get the correct info and stats. Because OC was in the family her mom had opted for a full hysterectomy years ago. Yay for her and that awesome choice which has also decreased her chance of breast cancer. Whew.

As we were discussing it with another group of teachers ANOTHER teacher admitted she is BRCA 1 and has already done both of the risk reducing surgeries. I mean REALLY!?!? How is it possible that 3 people on a staff of 50 teachers are dealing with this? I am in awe. I really am.

I was floating along with my happy bliss and wham this hit me. I burst into tears when my close friend told me which by default started to make her cry. I don't know why I cried it isn't like she is positive. There is a 50/50 chance that she'll be negative. I guess I just cried for all she might have to go through as I know it is so difficult. It isn't something you can't handle just something I wish we didn't have to handle. I guess we'll know her results in two weeks. I will pray that she won't be a part of my club. I don't need any other members.


  1. Whoa. That is crazy! I honestly believe that people come into our lives for a reason. Some stay for a long time because they are just meant to and some come and go quickly because they teach us a specific lesson about life. Though I know you and your friend have had so much in common already, I can't help but think she has come into your life so you two could be together throughout this experience. You can support and empathize with each other on so many levels - as breast cancer previvors (maybe in her case), mothers, friends, and of course, running buddies. *HUGS* to both of you.

  2. Thanks Col. I am still in shock and so I will just continue to pray every night that she is negative. I really don't want to have someone to commiserate with about this. Mom stuff, running, school...all that is fine. But this, no. Thanks for the virtual hugs. Maybe you are right and I did come into her life so that her mom would get tested and now she is better for knowing. I hope that something good can come of my experience. Maybe that was it.

  3. It’s surprising a doctor could be unaware of BRCA, but very good that you are able to supply them with information. I hope that your friend falls on the better side of that 50/50. Either way it’s good to know. Tests now can make a big difference later.

    Thinking of her as she awaits these results,