Friday, March 16, 2012

Why August?

I made a list of reasons for and and against having the surgery in August, rather than November. Here are my pros and cons.

1. Dan won't need to take off as much time as we'll both be on summer break and what he does take off will be teacher workdays. Not having to do sub plans make it much easier for him to take days off.
2. We won't need to worry about transitioning Carter/Sean back to daycare and then taking them out for a month or so and then re-transitioning them. They will just not go back to daycare after summer break until I go back to work post surgery. My family will be taking turns staying with us and so they'll handle the kids while I am recovering.
3. Dan coaches in the winter/spring seasons and when I go back to work after surgery I think it is wise to have him around from 4pm vs. 6pm, as I'll be exhausted from working all day. I've heard it is MONTHS and months before you feel back to your normal self. It has something to do with your muscles re-generating and the overall healing process.
4. It puts me out of work for only a few actually weeks of school and surprisingly it isn't a horrible time for me to miss as my counseling stuff like lessons and group/individual sessions don't really begin until October. A sub can easily fill in for me given what my focus is in September.
5. I'll just be returning from the beach and I can have one last boob-cation. ha ha JK on the last one

1. My mom most likely won't be able to come visit me after surgery :o( She'll be doing radiation at that time.
2. I won't be able to "hide" in winter clothes, big sweaters, etc.
3. I'll be laid up after surgery for my baby girl's first Bday :o( :o(

There isn't a magic answer or a "perfect" time to do this.  I just think my pros list for August is much bigger! Since I am months away, I hope that this will be do-able with the surgeon's schedule. First, I have to choose one!

I'll come home from our third summer vacation (with my hopefully by then rocking post birthing two children bod) and get a boob upgrade. Fabulous...right?

If only it were that simple.


  1. There is never a good time, but August looks like a good time for you guys! How long are you planning to take off? My surgeons recommended at least 8 weeks (sigh) and more like 12 weeks for more physical elements (double sigh)

  2. My surgeon just recommended at least 4-6 weeks off of work but it could be more depending on my healing and how I feel. Because I am the one who takes my cuties to daycare I have to be able to lift my 1 year old in order to return to work. So, that will kind of effect when I return and when my lifting restrictions are above 20 lbs (what I am guessing she'll weigh, but it could be more). Your timeline seems like longer than what I've heard. Better to heal and be better than to push yourself. I know 12 weeks with no running will be hard for you!

  3. My surgery was slightly different than most I guess, because I had the added complication of my pacemaker/ICD and I used the alloderm procedure for immediate reconstruction. Because the temporary implants have a magnet at the port that would interfere with my device. BLAH I was a slightly complicated soul!

  4. Ahhh, makes sense! Well I hope your recovery continues to go well. It seems you had quite a traumatic surgery day! Scary!