Thursday, March 15, 2012

My groove.

So as my best friend from college pointed out in one of her comments (Thanks Col) it appears "Stella got her groove back". I had a great run today with my favorite running buddy. It was the usual 3 mile route that we've done for years together after school. Until now, I hadn't made it the whole way without stopping (cramp, knee pain, etc.) Today, I did it! It was hot, like 85-weird I know,  and I got a cramp. I ran through it. I finished. I was proud. I was happy that I didn't stop. I think physically I am the strongest I've been in years. My weight lifting routine is great. I am moving up on the weights and I can see changes in my body. The running was my weak point and now I know that I am on the right track. I know that before my surgery that I will be at the peak of my physical condition. I will be strong, I will be a great runner again, and I will be ready.

In general this week has been much better as far as the emotions go. So yes, it seems that I got my groove back. Finally.
I stole the pic from another blogger friend.

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