Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breast Surgeon #2

I had another good appointment with another great Dr. I liked him, but I wasn't blown away enough with him to make me choose him, necessarily. He works through VCU (GO RAMS!!) and the medical school at the hospital downtown. It is not my first choice to be a a teaching hospital nor is it my first choice to be downtown at the public hospital. It is difficult to get to, far from my house, and so I am not really going to pursue that route further. I also didn't like the "hospital" feel of the satellite office. Though it was close to my house and the nurse was super sweet it just felt weird to me, compared to the other two offices. He has several plastic surgeons he works with but since choosing him is not likely I am not going to go through another round of appointments.

The one good thing that came of it was that he said because of my previous breast reduction that (TMI ALERT) nipple sparing surgery (saving the nipple and removing all of other breast tissue) was not really a good idea because there is already a risk of the tissue dying and needing to be removed but with my history I am at increased risk.

Now, I just had another appointment on Monday and that Dr. knew about my reduction and said nipple sparing was the way to go. now different Dr.'s are telling me different things. I guess that is no surprise there.

On Monday, I am on the to final Dr. which is located in the office that I'm already a patient in, due to breast feeding infections, and also the office that completed my genetic testing. The nurse practitioner
there has been super helpful to me all along this process, is very involved in the breast cancer community, and even helped me set up some of my other consults with different surgeons. I've also met with the corresponding plastic surgeon already and really had a great experience (see previous post). I called to make an appointment with the plastic surgeon that goes with surgeon #1 and it seemed she is pretty popular so I am not sure how that affects this process and my ability to get an appointment soon and have the surgery in August. We'll see. Lots to think about! I am choosing between the female Dr. located far away with the super busy plastic surgeon or the male dr. very close to my house with the plastic surgeon whom I had a good appointment with. Sounds like I am on the right track!

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