Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Breast Surgeon #3

Ok, this was my last "interview" with a breast surgeon and it was a good one. I feel like I am "shopping" for a Dr. and I am spending as much money as I would but not getting any new clothes out of the deal! Despite waiting for an hour (at least I had my lap top and could get some work done while I was waiting) it was a great appointment. Because I am already a patient at this office I feel very comfortable there. The receptionist even remembers me from all of my breast feeding infections (course I was there 4 times in two weeks so that helps). The nurse practitioner is the one who did my genetic testing and the nurse I had today was super sweet and helpful. The office is located literally *right* across the street from my school, I could walk across the faster than I can walk to my car and drive there. All that being said, I just genuinely liked him a lot. I felt very comfortable talking with him and he answered all (I always have a lot!) of my questions. He even commented on how well educated I seem to be on the topic and was glad that I asked so many questions.

He didn't have a strong opinion about nipple sparing or not. He said, he sees why the other Dr. would have concerns but if I felt strongly about it then we would go along with what I preferred. Apparently, the plastic surgeon who works with #2 is all about nipple sparing which is probably why that Dr. suggested it. I think I am going to go ahead and start from scratch with that. Being that I've already had a breast surgery and my nipples already have been surgically altered, I think it is best not to take a risk of them having issues because of that.

The other thing that I like about this Dr is that he operates at St. Mary's which is where I had my first child. I had a great experience at that hospital and would be happy to go back there. The other Dr.'s operate at two different hospitals that are no where near me and I have no experience at. Just one more thing to consider. It sounds like he'll be on vacation the week that I was hoping to have surgery so that is a consideration but I am a little flexible about the time frame. He also only does breast surgery and mostly deals with breast cancer mastectomies, lumps, biopsies, etc. He said he does a prophylactic mastectomy (sometimes just one side is prophylactic) mastectomy 1 to 2 times a week!

Overall, I am strongly leaning towards this Dr. and the plastic surgeon that I've met with already. With all the other appointments I had a nervous feeling. With these two, I just didn't have that nervous feeling. Even though I was meeting them both for the first time, I felt at ease. I guess at this point my gut is the way to go. All the Dr.'s I've interviewed are excellent and have great reputations in the area. I think that I am able to be a little picky and look at other factors, like location, office feel, and my level of comfort with each Dr. in addition to their surgical skills and reputations. When I mention his name to anyone that asks I get, "Oh, I love him," or, "my mom had him years ago," or, "I've heard he has a great reputation". I like what I hear when I mention his name. On a side note, he trained Dr .#2 and then she went to a new office. So, technically, his level of experience is a huge plus!

I am happy that I am close to making a decision. I am on the fence as to whether I should even go to the plastic surgery appointment that I have scheduled. Dr #3 can work with her but she works the best with Dr. #2 and I didn't like her as much as Dr. #3. I guess I have a week or so to decide. My appointment is in two weeks and I could easily cancel it, let Dr. #3 I was on board, and get this surgery on the calendar!

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