Thursday, April 4, 2013

2 miles done. A good sore.

It was the best "first" run I could have ever had. I swear I was grinning ear to ear for my first mile. I loved every second of it. I felt a little tight in the chest but no pain or issues really. I think I just need to get used to my new "normal" and my new body. I had no goals except to run 2 miles. I didn't even have a watch on. About 1 mile in I saw an old friend who has been through something similar to me, though she was actually diagnosed with BC. She said she could run a lap with me so we could catch up and we ended up running another mile together. It was so great to catch up with her and share stories with someone who absolutely understood what I had been through. I guess she just happened to be at the right place at the right time! It made that second mile fly by and though I felt like I could have kept going, we did stop and walked a lap or two.

After we parted ways (she is a fitness instructor and had to get to her class to teach) I decided to try out some ab work. Before my surgery I focused on my core to help prepare my body for the post surgery task of not using my arms to get in and out of bed. It definitely helped me while I was recovering and I was glad to see that I still had a good amount of core strength left in me. I did a lot of the exercises from my favorite core class to see if I could take it next week without issue or pain. I even did planks, side included and it was fine. I spent a lot of time stretching my arms over my head and to the side. I was pretty tight after I ran and it felt good to loosen things up a bit.

Last night I was still pretty tight and sore in my chest area so I took some advil and iced my chest for a bit. I knew I was going to be sore today, and I am, pretty much all over! It is a good kind of sore though. A sore you know you earned the day before. A sore you know you'll be stronger from tomorrow. A sore that I've been longing to feel for many, many months.

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