Tuesday, January 1, 2013


As you have noticed I haven't posted much because to be honest, I haven't had anything nice to say. As I reported in my last post my left side expander was hurting a lot more than it had been. It hurt like that for over a week and I had to resume pain killers to make it through Christmas. I couldn't get out of bed, hold a cup, get off the couch. It was bad. All the while I was developing an infection on the *other* side. Go figure. I am a week an a half into this infection and now on the second antibiotic praying that it works. It looks pretty nasty. I am supposed to call my plastic surgeon in the morning to decide what to do and to see if it the infection is responding to the new medicine. (next stop could be IV antibiotics in the hospital) If it cannot be fixed the expander would have to come out. As much as I complain about them I certainly don't want to start ALL over again. As far as the expander pain it is diminishing. I am uncomfortable all the time but I don't need the pain killers to do daily tasks (except sleep at night). 1 month out and finally I can see the pain lets just pray this infection goes away so I can start moving in the right direction!


  1. Oh Erin!!!! I've been wondering how you were. I'll keep praying! Hope this infection is on it's way out!!!!

  2. oh no!! I hope things went well today at your appointment and you'll be posting good news soon!

  3. Oh girlie! I just saw this! Are you okay! I am thinking about you! Praying that everything worked out at your appointment. Keep me posted and don't be shy if you need to vent! xoxox

    Sending love to you and the ta-tas!