Monday, January 14, 2013

Blue nails make everything better.

I know you are all hoping for a happy post, and you are going to get it. My plan of getting out of my funk was a success. With a new attitude and blue nails I've been in a much better place lately. I guess 6 weeks out was the magic amount of time where I could turn the corner, finally. The infection is on it's way out, though still not 100% healed. I've gotten up dressed and out of the house each day. The maid is scheduled and I took a walk around the neighborhood last night with the kids. My pain is minimal during the day. I still am aware of the expanders but they don't hurt, just are weird and uncomfortable. At night, it is still difficult to sleep through but I hope that will continue to improve with time as my body continues to adjust to the expanders. Being more active, involved with the kids and house hold stuff has caused me a little more soreness in the muslce area but I think it would be sore whenever I resumed normal activities. I just need to build my strength back up so I can pick up Carter without being sore the next day.

I have one more week of medical leave and I am excited to rest and relax before the craziness of working full time with two kids resumes. I hope in one more week I can feel even better than I do now and be 100% infection free!

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  1. Each week will be better - and yes, I hope that infection 100% clears asap. Those blue nails are lovely!