Saturday, November 3, 2012

I really needed that.

Success. Pride. Joy. Confidence. Those are the words that describe how I felt after my 6 mile training run today. I am officially one week away from my 1/2 marathon and I can go into it with more confidence than I was feeling before today's run. After last week's not-so-awesome 11.5 miles I really needed a boost of confidence. Not only did we do 6 miles on the actual course in the "hilly" part of the course but we did it fast! Our overall pace was 9:40 and our last mile split was 9:14.  We wanted to see this park that everyone talks about being so hilly. Well, maybe we missed a big hill by accident or didn't go on the right loop but neither of the hills we saw today are scaring us! Whew. What a relief. Now I can get a few shorter training runs in this week and go into Saturday's race with excitement. Excitement to accomplish something that I honestly never thought I could accomplish. Excitement to prove how strong my body and mind are. Excitement to cross that finish line as a half-marathon runner.


  1. so so so very excited for you!!!! Those hills kicked my butt, but I do live in flat Virginia Beach.

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  3. I was definitely nervous about these hills people keep talking about but where I've been training is very hilly. I think it has prepared me nicely for what the course has to offer. Sorry you won't be racing with me but I'll be shooting for a time similar to your latest goal :o)

    1. I hope you crush it!!!I have a feeling you will. Good lucky crying and running mile 13. I always fight back tears and it makes running really hard. hahaha!

  4. Cheers to excitement! You're going to be amazing. Good luck and enjoy the training. :) Catherine