Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The story of my Monster Boobs, Part 1.

Yes, it is true. I have monster boobs that are trying to get me!  Thanks to my bestfriend from JMU to allowing me to display them so appropriately with a monster bra. She mailed me a whole monster themed package. Monster books for the kids and a monster bra for me. In keeping with the Halloween spirit, I’ll share my 3 part story of my monster boobs. So, back to the beginning. . .

No chance I am modeling this but you can at least get the idea from the picture!

I wasn’t an exceptionally early developer but about mid high school I was one of the larger chested girls in my school. I definitely didn’t want to draw any attention to myself so I avoided low cut shirts and tight fitting clothing and I even wore a one piece bathing suite. I noticed friends were jealous of the attention that guys often gave me because of this but I resented it more than anything. I didn’t want extra attention because I was large chested. Shopping for a prom dress was extremely difficult. Tube top for me? No way! I longed to wear a spaghetti strapped shirt. I had a steady boyfriend and he confessed to me one day that some of the football players had been joking with him about the size of my chest. I won’t share the details as it is quite embarrassing but nonetheless….I began to hate the way I looked.

It seems my chest began to grow even more when I went to college and I gained a few pounds. I was a size 2 and wore large shirts because of my chest and I looked much heavier than I actually was. I still tried  to hide my chest size. As time went on, my back began to hurt and I could feel the burden on my body of my over sized chest. My mom and I made an appointment with the breast surgeon to explore the options of a reduction. I was miserable and my posture was horrible. The breast surgeon was one my mom had used for her biopsies and breast issues (not knowing that years later she would actually develop breast cancer) and I sat in the waiting room with a lot of ladies with no hair with breast cancer. It didn’t really phase me then but I know my mom hated going to that office.

Anyway, the first time we got denied by insurance so I followed the protocol, went to physical therapy for my back and re-submitted my claim. The second time, I was approved. I scheduled my surgery for Christmas break of my junior year of college at JMU. I had the surgery the day after I returned home and by Christmas I was up and about and functioning pretty well. I even remember going shopping on Christmas Eve with my mom wearing a much smaller shirt and being proud to be “small” chested for once! The healing process took a month or so before I was back to normal and boy was I a happy girl! I could wear all the kinds of clothes that I never could before. I looked like I lost about 10 lbs and I was getting compliments on how I looked and I didn’t resent them. I was proud to walk into a room and hold my chest high. It was the best decision I have ever made. The actual surgery wasn’t too bad and the recovery was quick and the payoff was amazing and I was able to get rid of my monster boobs.

So for the next few years I happily enjoyed my “normal” sized chest that matched the proportions of my body size. I knew that there was a risk that breast feeding would be difficult with the reduction but at 20 years old it wasn’t a huge consideration. The idea of breastfeeding kind of always grossed me out anyway so I didn’t think twice about it. Then, my son Sean was born and my monster boobs returned. To be continued. . .
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  1. Ha ha! Great bra and thanks for sharing "your story!"

  2. LOVE this! Your story really needs to be featured somewhere else too! :)

  3. Wow...I could have written that entry! I too had huge huge HUGE boobs since I was 11 or 12...I had a reduction at 27...and almost 20 years later, they are still big (I gained some weight and it goes STRAIGHT there), but pretty perky..and I also have BRCA2. I joke that my boobs have been torturing me my entire life!