Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hitting kind of close to home.

I am not sure how popular the show Parenthood, on NBC, is but it is definitely a little difficult to watch right now. I love the show for a lot of reasons, it depicts a large family all still close and connected in their daily lives, 4 siblings, the grandparents, and the cousins. One of the siblings and his wife are dealing with a child with aspergers. From my experience on the subject the way he is represented is very true to real life. It shows the daily struggles of having a child with a disability. More recently it showed a child going off to college and how that affects the whole family. I remember leaving my parents on that day at JMU and it seems they probably had it worse than I did. I thought I was sad to leave them, but seeing it from the parent's perspective allows me to realize how hard it is let a child go. There are a lot of real life issues which I appreciate and couple that with some great actors and it has become one of my go-to shows. The one I search for in the DVR to watch first amongst a long list of recorded shows. But is getting very real...maybe a little too real for me. Christina, one of the main characters (One child just left for college, one has aspergers, and she just had a baby) has breast cancer. Last week, they touched on it a bit but at the end didn't really come out and say that she did have breast cancer. This week it was revealed that she does in fact have breast cancer. It shows her sitting at the Dr.'s office with all the women with no hair, waiting, crying, re-searching online, trying to be strong, breaking down, and going through all the emotions that a woman with BC goes through. I know this all too well because it wasn't too long ago that I was going through these same things with my own mom.

In fact, if it weren't for my mom having BC I never would have known that I was at risk. There is little to no breast cancer in my family (my mom has all brothers). Growing up, I knew that mom mom had a few lumps removed and biopsied but it never affected me and my worry about my own future. I was living the good life assuming it was "other" people who were affected by BC until Nov. 4th, 2011. Then it got real. Now, it isn't just my mom. It is me facing this process. Christina on the show just had a baby, which means she is relatively young (older than me but still younger). I wonder if she has BRCA? Is that where they are going with this? Will she be faced with the same things as I am faced with?

I don't know where it will go but though it is painful to watch, I need to see it. I needed that reassurance that what I have decided to do is the right thing. I don't want to be sitting in a waiting room in a few years with women with no hair all wearing pink. I like pink but I do not want my life defined by it. So, thank you Parenthood. You gave me the extra sign that I needed.


  1. It's on my DVR waiting for me to watch it too. We didn't make it through the last five minutes last week without tears - my aunt who is hanging on every day with her battle with breast cancer hoping a new drug will be found (she has 3 young boys too) and Christian's dad is starting chemo AGAIN next week. And Christian's mom just finished up treatment for breast cancer. It certainly hits home for us too.

    Cancer sucks. I'm so proud of you and everything you are doing. Both you and your mom have been so inspirational through this whole process.

  2. Thank you Kristy. I am sorry to hear about your own family struggles with BC. It really does seem like it is EVERYWHERE. I agree cancer sucks. Bring your tissues for this week's episode. I hope they do the research justice and SOMEONE makes Christina get tested for the gene. She is too young to have cancer without it raising some questions. I hope they represent BC correctly! I do love that show. Glad you watch it too :o)

  3. I bet the writers of the show would be so glad to read your comments here. Well-written and produced television can be so cathartic. I'm glad this is reassured you in your decision. :) And maybe I'll check out this show!


    (I used to watch the Big C, but stopped after awhile. For me, it was just too difficult despite the great use of humour.)

  4. Catherine-I know my mom personally has chosen not to watch this show for the same reasons you probably gave up on The Big C. I think for me it is close enough to make me want to keep watching because it makes me feel I am doing the right thing. Let me know if you check it out. I am sure you can watch it online. Thanks for your support as always! :o)
    PS If only I were famous and the writers wanted to hear what I had to say....ha ha