Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 2 goals and Week 1 update

Ok, so i am obviously a little behind on my blog posts (for my family blog too, eek!). I made it through week 1 of my goals with a 50% success rate though each goal that I didn't make I still made *some* progress with. Here is the update:

Week 1 Goals:

1. No sweets for a week.-- I DID IT!!! 
2. Eat salad for dinner for a week. Nope. Not even close. I did eat salad for dinner on 3 nights. By that I mean salad ONLY. We eat salad with dinner almost every night already. This was harder than I thought when my Chef Husband was making awesomely delicious meals. I couldn't resist. Though, I did get back on track with my healthy eating. So, it wasn't a total loss.
3. Clean my house more often. Done and Done!! My house was clean for about...what like 15 minutes?!?! (two kids=messy house!)
4. Run 10 miles a week. No. My running mileage is completely dependent on me running outside afterschool. Due to meetings, rain, etc. I was not able to accomplish this goal. I'll keep posting it until I make it! I did, however, stick to my weightlifting and core training schedule and had a great week of that. 

Week 2 Goals:
1. Run 10 Miles a week.
2. Eat my salad with dinner first.  Also I should make the salad a larger portion and my dinner a smaller portion.
3. (Gasp)...NO SODA (not even diet)
4. Eat a Healthy snack afterschool. I come home at 3:30 starving and I am not always making the best choices of snack. Something around 100-150 calories is my guideline.

Ok, so here we go. Since I am so late, I am going with Tuesday-Sunday this week. I didn't have a soda today, ate a large salad before eating my tomato basil pizza and...well no I didn't run and my snack was...uh not 100 calories but 2/4 means I am off to a good start. I still have my eyes on those Toms!!

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