Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring break, surgery date conflict, and Toms!

First of all, spring break was awesome. Being at home with my family is so fun! We even were able to take a mini vacation to Virginia Beach, see my parents, and my sister. It was a busy but great week! I did get some not so great news about my surgery date. August is not possible. That kind of throws a wrench in all of my plans. Dan and I are still talking about our other options and what works best for our schedule. Since he is a teacher, he prefer not to take a week off in September which is the first available time that the two surgeons can coordinate, not to mention he was out the first week of school this year due to Miss Carter’s arrival. Anyway, I am not going to let it get me down. We’ll figure out a date. Perhaps re-visiting the original November/Thanksgiving plan would be best.

On a totally unrelated note….I am going to try something I’ve seen on a lot of other blogs though my time frame will most likely be shorter. I am going to set some goals for myself and reward myself if I reach them. I am going to try a week at a time though I hope to at least keep it going for a month. I am going to start small. So, here we go.

Week 1 Goals:

1. No sweets for a week. I think I need to be specific here: doughnuts, candy, cookies, cake, ice cream (none of these things are ever in my house yet I somehow manage to eat them----teacher’s lounge!!) Do granola bars count? Chime in if you have thoughts?!?!?
2. Eat salad for dinner for a week. I feel like I ate my way through my spring break so this will be a good way to get back on to my healthy eating diet.
3. Clean my house more often. For this week: kitchen scrubbed and mopped and clean master bathroom.
4. Run 10 miles a week. I am averaging about 2 runs at around 3 miles. So I need to add another run at around 4 miles. My garmin will keep me honest!

Ok, I feel like that is a good start. I am going to try to do 4 rounds of 1 week goals. Some goals overlapping, and some changing. Now that I’ve put it on the blog…I have to do it, right? What is my reward?

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  1. That sounds awesome! Great idea. Everything works out like its supposed to so your Nov idea MAY be best all the way around for reasons you may not even know yet?! I'm going to blog later today regarding my status. Glad you had fun :)