Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waiting. . .

So, my surgery is "penciled" in for August 22nd. The problem is it is already difficult to coordinate with multiple surgeons but add summer vacations to the mix, and it is hard to figure out! The doctor I chose is going on vacation sometime in August but he hasn't decided when. So the secretary has been talking with his wife to try to get it figured out. Lets hope the plastic surgeon isn't going on vacation too. I mean, I am personally going on 3 vacations this summer so I can't blame them. But, either way, I want to know the date and be done with the stressful decision making process. The decision is made and now I can move on and focus on my family, work, and getting into kick butt shape. Now, I am just waiting for the secretary to call me back and let me know the final decision on a date. Fingers crossed for August 22nd! It works great with our schedule.

How ironic is it that every since I posted those Tri picks I have been thinking about getting out my bike from the attic. I think I need to get back on the road. After looking at the summer schedule and seeing my vacations and the fact that my favorite Tri has moved to September it doesn't seem like a Tri this season is in the cards. That is ok, I am sure I'll be back at it next summer! What better reason does a girl have to miss the usual triathlons besides being on three awesome vacations!?! One to the mountains with the Bliss gang, one to OBX with the Rettig Gang and one to Kure Beach with our close friends. I will have surgery 3 days after returning from vacation #3. Talk about a way to keep my mind off the impending surgery. Lay on the beach with 8 close friends and 8 (yes, I said 8) super cute kids! Sounds like a great plan!

This pic was taken the summer of 2010 the last time we went to the beach with our close friends. It was 8 adults and only 5 kids. We've multiplied! Looking forward to another great summer especially now that we have a great family of four!

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  1. Hi there! I'm the author of the beingbrca blog. Thanks for reading it ;). I wish you luck as you start to prepare for your surgery. The months leading up are the hardest, so feel free to reach out if you need anything or have questions!