Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stupid dry cough...

Today was the big day for MRI/mammogram. I wasn't really nervous, I've had several MRI's before but on my head (headache issues) so I knew sort of what to expect...being confined, not being able to move, being a little cold, and the insanely loud magnet clicking noise that keeps me from falling asleep! I was pretty relaxed going in and thought I'd take advantage of my quiet (minus the loud beeps) time to relax and lay down for 45 mins. Isn't that wierd that I looked at it as a way to relax when most women come in tense and stressed? I know, I am wierd. The tech said the more relaxed I was the better as it meant I was able to keep my body more still throughout the MRI.

So, I get loaded into the machine, which means I laid on my stomach face down and I had to have my hands over my head and an IV hooked up. It wasn't actually uncomfortable except my arm kept falling asleep. Well, all was going well until the tickle in my throat came on. You know that little dry tickle that makes you continuously cough and cough. Well, it happened today. I knew I wasn't supposed to move and though I could conveniently see the timer ticking backwards until it was over (I had  series of pictures done and each one had a certain amount of time displayed on the timer) I could not, I meant could NOT hold in my coughs. It was sooo annoying. I had to repeat two images (which added even more time in that stupid machine!). One of them, which was super important because it could not be repeated as I was injected contrast dye into an IV, was 6 minutes long. That was the longest six minutes of my life! You know when you are trying not to cough and thinking about not coughing the only thing you really want to do is...cough! Anyway, I had the nicest MRI tech helping me who was super sweet and got me a cough drop and let me cough in between sets of images.

She told me on the way out I would most likely need a mammogram also, NOT because she saw something on the MRI (I hope!) but because it is standard for the radiologist there to request both to compare the results. Ugh. So, here we go again. I've left a message with my Dr. to ask about that and to find out the timeline for which I'll know. The tech said a couple days which I can handle.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. The most logical results would be I am clear. I am healthy, active, and young. It isn't worth it to assume I'll have cancer when all other signs point to the fact that I don't. Until we know otherwise, lets just go with that.

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  1. I don't know what's worse, trying to suppress a cough or a laugh. I feel like I always get hit with the giggles at the most inopportune moments. I know everything is going to be fine so keep up that positive attitude. I hope you got a workout in after all that.