Thursday, April 11, 2013

Steady Progress.

I decided to give my core workout class a try on Tuesday and it went well. I ran two miles on the track afterschool which was fine except the heat! Apparently, we went from winter to SUMMER because the temps are reading in the mid-80's to 90's here, already! My run could have been better if it wasn't 89 degrees! My first mile felt great and I think it was around a 10 minute pace so my second mile was slower as I started to get really hot. I am hoping I can get up to 3 miles very soon!When I run I find my mind wandering to memories of surgery and this past year and it just makes me smile to think it is finally all over with. Running was a huge part of what got me through preparing for surgery and now I can look to it to get me through this next phase: returning to normal.

The core class is only 30 minutes but it is a tough 30 minutes. I was surprised as how much strength I had retained and what exercises I could still do. There were a few times when things felt a little wierd but it wasn't painful, just different. I can't really lay on my stomach comfortably yet so I just modified the exercise for myself.

I definitely was sore all over from the run and class which pretty much covers most muscle groups in a short amount of time. I am excited to build my strength back up!

Now that I have all of my energy restored I am excited that I can return to my routine of running and weight training. I also want to get back into the pool and see how things feel when I swim. I hope to try a yoga class soon, also. I am back and it feels so great!!!


  1. You are so fit, Erin. It's just wonderful to hear you are feeling good again. I'm awed by your running!

  2. Losing my abdominal strength still frustrates me 2 year later. I used to be able to do something and now it's not just hard, it literally feels impossible like I have no muscle. But, keep at it!