Monday, January 28, 2013

Back to work. I survived!

I went back to work on Tuesday of last week and besides some crazy drives to and from work, due to snow, all went smoothly. Dan is home in the afternoons and he is able to help when I need to rest. The infection is clearly just very slooooowwwly. The fluid they analyzed showed no bacteria and therefore the infection is technically gone. My skin is still healing and is still not better. Like I said it is a slow process. Most of the fluid has absorbed back into my body but the surface skin is peeling off in a rather disgusting fashion.

There are times throughout the day when I forget about the expanders which I consider to be major progress. At one point I thought that I would never be able to function with these things in me, but I guess my body is just getting used to them. Sleeping is still difficult but again I am kind of getting used that as well.

My Doctor would like me to come in next week and if the skin is healed I *might* be able to get expanded a little. He likes to over expand so the "real" implant has a nice pocket of skin to sit in. I hope that we can begin looking at dates for my next surgery. That is the surgery where a real and permanent implant will be slid into the pocket already created with the temporary, expander, implant I currently have.

The stress of returning to work and some other things that I don't really need to get into on here have caused me to feel down a lot.  I am obviously not handling the stress of all of those things combined well. I think I need to get back to the gym and get the endorphins flowing. I hear there is good weather on the way so that should help also. The important thing is I am healing and mostly pain free through the days. I am pretty much as back to "normal" as you can be with the expanders. So that is promising!

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  1. I hope loads of good weather comes your way. Sunshine is so very healing. One day at a time, stress and all - you are doing wonderfully.