Monday, November 26, 2012

My Last Hurrah was a success!

Love my hubbie! He grew a mustache for "Movember" for prostate cancer awareness!

Well, if the awesome-ness of the night was categorized by how bad I felt the next was a huge success! We were all moving a little slow the next day but it was totally worth it!

Let me start at the beginning. First my core group of close friends (who all have two kids each) and sisters-in-law and brother in law decided that booking a hotel room downtown was the way to go, that way we could take a quick cab ride and no one had to drive to any destination. So, we all checked in around 4 and hung out in the room for a while. We ate dinner at a restaurant that had rave reviews and it lived up to its expectations. The only issue I have is that I ate too much!

After dinner, the rest of my friends met us at 9pm at a local Irish pub. It was so great to see everyone out and about. Friends from school, friends from my training team, old friends, new friends, it was great! After a few hours there we decided we would head to dance club type place. Whew, what a night! Even my guy friends who don't dance were out on the dance floor. It was amazing. We had so much fun. I know I mentioned my hot pink pants and they certainly did not disappoint. Two, yes two, 22 year old girls came up to me raving over my pants and wanting to know where I purchased them! At this point, I felt the need to tell them that I was super old (32) and I had two kids. They were both floored and couldn't believe it. Or they were just trying to make me feel better! ha ha Either way I'll take it!!
At the hotel for our "stay-cation"

Dan and I

The gang at dinner

Some friends from my training team

So much fun hanging with my girls!

It was an amazing night. Just seeing all my friends make the effort to join us just re-affirmed what an awesome group of family and friends that I have. I have so many people who are here to support me. Those that came and many many more. My toast at dinner was, "I know people think I am being brave for my decision, but honestly any one of you would do the same thing given the situation. Having you all here to support me just makes this decision all the more possible. Thank you" That pretty much sums it up!!


  1. You do not give yourself enough credit! You are brave and strong and selfless. And you are willing to share your journey to help others. AND you look HOT in your pink pants!!!! :)

  2. Looks like a fantastic night out - and dancing, oh I'm envious of the dancing ! (And of those hot pink pants.) It's so good to hear your big party went well. :) ~Catherine