Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last Hurrah for Erin's Ta-tas

The countdown is on to my Last Hurrah. One week from today I'll be celebrating what a nice life they have had! My very talented husband came up with a clever invite that was sent to my friends.
Here it is:

A Message from Dan:

Happy Birthday to Erin and the gift to you,
They’ll chop off your ta-tas, we know Dan will Boo-Hoo.

Thinking only of your kids, this is one selfless act.
No one could be braver and that is a fact.

So in celebration of “the girls” we now know
an event we have planned for friends to all go.

Down in the bottom on November 24
We’ll meet about 9 on the dance floor.

Getting a bit crazy well bounce them around
With one last night out on the town.

There are lots of friends joining me for a night out on the town and a few close friends have booked hotel rooms downtown so we can all have fun and not worry about getting home (or waking up early to get up with our kids). It is shaping up to be one crazy night out! I can't wait! PS. I even have my Last Hurrah outfit purchased and ready to go and yes, it does include some HOT pink pants!!! 

Thanks to weight watchers and running a half marathon I can now rock out hot pink skinny jeans! I am 25 lbs less than I was in January when I found out my BRCA status and 15 lbs lighter than I was in Sept when I began my training and diet. I'm back to where I was pre-kids and I am so happy about that!



  1. Hot pink skinny jeans?! Amazing! Have a wonderful time. And I hope in a couple months you can have another party to celebrate your new Ta-tas and living life without the fear of BRCA.

    Have fun! ~Catherine

  2. I so wish I could make it. My ta-tas haven't made enough milk to leave Chet for the night yet. Only 3 freezer bags left. I'm all for celebrating the new ta-tas though. And Chet will be one so I can leave him!