Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I am turning 32 years old. It has been a great 32 years. As I said in previous posts, my family is not riddled with cancer. I've never lost a close loved one to breast cancer or ovarian cancer so I've lived a relatively stress free life up to this point. Until my mom was diagnosed in the Fall of last year, I really don't think I've ever really felt any real stress in my life. How lucky am I? I lived 31 years without ever worrying that I would lose a loved one to cancer. A year has passed and now my mom has gotten a clean bill of health and will return to work. Almost 1 year to do the day, she can finally move on. What a birthday present to me! On my birthday my mom goes back to life as she used to know it. My dad posted a really sweet status update on FB mentioning that as my mom's journey through this diagnosis is ending, mine is sort of just beginning. She has been strong for our family for the past year, and is my turn to pick up where she is leaving off.

Thought this past year has been a struggle for me and if you've read thus far you know I won't claim to have been happy or stress free these past few months 100% of the time. But, even though the struggles and worry and anxiety of what is to come, I still live an amazing life. Though my job is stressful at times, I do love it. I love helping kids. I love making a difference in their day to day lives. I love being the one that they can get them through a day at school. I also truly enjoy working with the staff at my school. We are like family, and I know in my time of need, they will be there for me. I, obviously, love my family so much. They bring me so much joy. My children are everything to me and Dan. I also have an amazing husband. He loves me unconditionally, flaws and all. He picks up the pieces when I fall apart. When I was stuck in bed sad and depressed. When I cannot handle the stress of day to day things because I am consumed with my own worries. He cooks, he cleans, he is an amazing Dad. He does it all. My parents, my in-laws, my sister are all so helpful to me. They are supporting me 100% along this journey. I also have amazing friends. Friends who have been there for me for years and years and who will continue to be there for me for years to come.

So on this 32nd birthday of mine I choose to celebrate all of the joys of my life up to this point. I lead a charmed life. I am so grateful for all that I have. I know in 10 years I will look back on this journey of mine and it'll merely be a speed bump along the way. It won't be the defining moment of 2012. It'll just be simply one thing in my life that I overcame. One thing that made me stronger. One thing that allowed me to celebrate many, many more birthdays to come.


  1. Hi,

    Happy birthday! I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



    1. Hi Cameron-I checked your profile and there is no email address. If you send me an email at: I'll respond. Just put "blog" or something like that in the subject line. Erin

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