Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monster Boobs, part 3.

Over the past 10 months I’ve immersed myself in the culture of hereditary breast cancer and I’ve read about a lot of women who grew up around breast cancer. They watched their mother, aunts, cousins, grandmothers all battle this disease. The grew up knowing that it would always be a part of their life. I did not have this experience. My mom had a lot of lumps and biopsies but some how I stayed sheltered from that. Yes, we have the BRCA gene in our family but my grandmother is one of the lucky ones who avoided cancer and is alive and well at 72. Some of my mom’s aunts have cancer but it is stomach, or other kinds not breast cancer, plus they live in NY and we rarely see them. My mom has all brothers. So really, my mom is the only one I’ve ever been close to that has had BC. I lived a normal life not knowing my fate until January 2012.

January 2012 is when I knew I truly did have monster boobs that were out to get me. They have let me down time and time again. And now it is time for them to go! I want to be done with these monster boobs. I want to live a life without fear of what they’ll do to me next. I’ve carried the burden of these monster boobs for long enough and I am finally ready to let them go....for good.
So, Monster boobs, your time has come, the end is near. Nov 28th is your last day to bring me down and then I'll be done with you forever!

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  1. Monster boobs! This feels like a Halloween theme. But good on you for letting go of your burden. Really, I'd say good on you for whatever choice you'd have made because making of a choice, you take back power. Good for you. :)