Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When I found out that I was BRCA positive a close friend recommended FORCE, which is an organization which supports those with the BRCA gene and helps to fight hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. I joined the site a while back and have jumped into the message boards. I've also started this blog and gotten hooked up with a lot of other women just like me. FORCE has a local chapter here and I was able to attend the support group last night. It was great! I had emailed with a couple of the women but it was nice to see them face to face. It was great to hear their perspectives as they are further along on this journey than I am. Of course I enjoyed a support group...what kind of counselor would I be if I didn't practice what I preach :o)

If you haven't checked out FORCE and you are BRCA positive or have a strong family history, you should definitely visit the site: Being involved in the website and the the message board have been super helpful to me along this process. There is something to be said for the "you are not alone" factor. FORCE helps you realize that very quickly.

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