Friday, December 30, 2011

You are done having kids, right?

I had my OB appointment which has gotten the ball rolling as far as genetic testing goes. I have paperwork proving my mother has the gene so the process (getting insurance to pay) is fairly easy for me. My OB referred me a breast surgical group that coincidentally I was already a patient at (for breastfeeding issues). I like my OB, been with her for years, but I was a bit taken aback when we discussed the BRCA gene and its implications. She basically told me that if I do in fact have the BRCA gene then I should have my ovaries removed immediately. I think at some point I had told her I was done having kids (don't we all say that when we are 9 months pregnant?!?) and so she just assumed my decision was final and that I wouldn't be "needing" my ovaries anymore. GASP! I was in shock. I asked why the rush and her quote exactly was, "you are like a ticking time bomb if you have the BRCA gene". Ugh. That was not the news I needed. I left in a panic and immediately starting questioning myself. Am I done? Do I only want two kids? I know Dan has always been open to a third but I never really was. But, then sweet Carter came along and brightened our lives..why wouldn't I want another? Since that moment with my OB I have been in total confusion. I am not sure since I just had a baby quite recently that this time in my life is the best time to make that decision. If I don't feel 100% sure why make that choice. Anyway, I do not know if I have the gene or not but these are decisions that I surely hope I don't have to make.

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